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Formula One driver Gerhard Berger's stolen Ferrari returned after 28 years

Formula One driver Gerhard Berger's stolen Ferrari returned after 28 years
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The London police have solved a car theft. The unit fighting organized car crime has returned the Ferrari 512M, which thieves stole from Formula-1 pilot Gerhard Berger 28 years ago during the San Marino Grand Prix in Imola in 1995.

Fraudsters stole Berger's 512M and Jean Alesi's 355 from the hotel car park during the race in 1995. Back then, Berger reportedly arrived when the thief was driving away in his Ferrari, reports Motor1.

The police returned Berger's 512M with the help of Ferrari. In January, the automaker informed investigators that they had inspected the car at the request of an American client who bought it from a broker in the UK.

The police found out that the car had gone to Japan after it was stolen. In late 2023, it ended up in the UK, where the capital police confiscated the Ferrari to prevent it from being exported out of the country.

We "quickly" worked with partners, including the National Crime Agency, as well as Ferrari and international car salons, and this cooperation helped us understand the car's history and prevent its export from the country.

— said lead investigator Mike Pilbeam.

The police are still continuing the investigation; no arrests have been made. By the way, Alesi's F355 has still not been found.

Despite the car thefts, Berger and Alesi achieved success at the 1995 San Marino Grand Prix, where Alesi finished second and Berger finished third.

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