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Trump offered Musk to buy Truth Social, - The Washington Post

Trump offered Musk to buy Truth Social, - The Washington Post
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Both tried to create their own "platform for free speech" in different ways.

Last summer, former US President Donald Trump offered Musk to acquire his social network Truth Social, The Washington Post reports. At that time, Elon still led the "chaotically acquired" Twitter — and was only planning to turn it into X and hand it over to Linda Yaccarino.

At the same time, the communication did not end with the discussion of a potential deal - two unnamed sources told the Post that Musk and Trump subsequently repeatedly discussed business and politics.

In early March, Trump once again met with Musk and several Republican donors in Florida. The New York Times then wrote that the former president was looking for sponsors for his election campaign, and Elon later wrote on X that "he does not donate money to any of the candidates for US president."

Back in November 2022, Musk restored Trump's account on Twitter, which was blocked after incitement to storm the Capitol in January 2021. However, he continues to use his own social network Truth Social, despite having far fewer followers there.

Trump's "platform for free speech" has faced significant financial problems since its launch in 2022. According to documents from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Truth Social lost tens of millions of dollars last year.

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