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Excerpts from an interview with showman Don Lemon, who infuriated Ilon Musk before breaking the X deal, seem down-to-earth

Excerpts from an interview with showman Don Lemon, who infuriated Ilon Musk before breaking the X deal, seem down-to-earth
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Host of the show Don Lemon stated that Elon Musk suddenly cancelled their partnership with X because the billionaire was "upset" with him over a recent "tense" interview.

Although the full interview will air on Monday, March 18, in the few fragments shared by the participants of the conversation, there was less controversy than expected.

Former CNN host said on Wednesday that Musk declined the partnership just hours after he conducted the interview, which was supposed to air on March 18 as the first episode The Don Lemon Show.

There were no restrictions on the interview that he didn't agree to, and my questions were respectful and broad, covering everything from SpaceX to the presidential elections. We had a good conversation. Obviously, he (Musk) felt differently.

— said Lemon.

X and Musk mentioned that Lemon can still freely air his show on X without the support of a formal partnership. Semafor publication, citing unnamed sources, reported that Lemon had not yet signed a contract with X, which may mean that he will have difficulty getting paid for the failed deal.

Lemon shared several interview fragments with Erin Burnett on the OutFront program on CNN, reported by Business Insider.

In the first clip, Lemon asks Musk if he believes that X is responsible for content moderation on the platform, particularly mentioning the great replacement conspiracy theory often propagated by racists. He asked if moderation would help Musk avoid the need to answer journalists' questions.

I am not obligated to answer journalists' questions. Don, the only reason I am giving this interview is because you are on the X platform and requested it. Otherwise, I would not have given this interview.

— said Musk.

Lemon later asked Musk about the possible use of ketamine:

The reason I mentioned the prescription for ketamine on the X platform was that I thought it might help other people.

In an August post on X, Musk said that he has a prescription for ketamine in case his "brain chemistry sometimes becomes super negative."

In the third interview fragment, Lemon asked Musk about reports that he met with former President Donald Trump in Florida last week.

I was at a friend's breakfast, and Donald Trump came in, that's all.

Musk also stated that Trump did not ask him for money and that he is not currently planning to support Trump or donate to his campaign.

Although the topics discussed in the clips were somewhat contradictory, the exchange of views did not appear particularly tense. These were also not topics that Musk had not faced criticism for before. However, since the interview did not fully air, it is quite possible that there were more heated moments in it than we have seen so far.

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