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British royal family caught shoddily editing photos

British royal family caught shoddily editing photos
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After months of speculation about the whereabouts of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales and future Queen of England, the royal family released a photo today that appears to have been edited. If the goal was to reassure the public about Middleton's whereabouts, the photo had the opposite effect.

The image is alarming at first glance, reports The Verge. Everyone smiles as brightly as if through a Snapchat filter. Middleton is sitting in the photo - understandable, considering that in January she underwent some undisclosed abdominal surgery - but the perspective seems wrong. Are her arms really that long?

She is still featured on the Instagram page of the Prince and Princess of Wales, so you can see the original, but the publication provides several screenshots that look as if they were edited by a novice in Photoshop who relied too heavily on the Heal tool.

This image was released several months after Middleton disappeared from public view. The royal family kept her health condition and the reasons for her absence secret, leading to conspiracy theories. The release of her clearly edited image on Mother's Day in the UK did not help.

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