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Musk is funding Gina Carano's (Kara Dune in "Mandalorian") lawsuit regarding her "unlawful" firing from Disney

Musk is funding Gina Carano's (Kara Dune in "Mandalorian") lawsuit regarding her "unlawful" firing from Disney
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An ex-MMA star and actress, who played the role of Cara Dune in "The Mandalorian", was fired in 2021 due to controversial statements on social media and transphobic jokes.

Carano also somehow compared the political situation in the U.S. and criticism of Republicans to Jewish pogroms in Nazi Germany. Lucasfilm called the posts "disgusting and unacceptable."

Currently, Carano is suing Disney — with a "small" participation from Elon Musk. In August of last year, the billionaire offered to help in legal matters all those who feel they were unfairly fired by their employers "through publication or likes on X."

"To my surprise, a few months ago I received an email from a lawyer hired by X to sort out my and many other stories," writes Carano now. "It turns out that after I sent them as much information as I could gather over the past few months, my lawyers and X sincerely believe in this case and are moving forward."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress is demanding a "court order that would force Lucasfilm to bring her back to the series, and pay at least $75,000 plus punitive damages".

Musk's relationship with Disney and several other major advertisers soured after their ads began appearing alongside controversial publications. Several companies, including the studio, suspended advertising partnerships with X, and Elon subsequently publicly told them to go to hell.

The third season of "The Mandalorian" premiered on Disney+ last March, and the writers explained the absence of Cara with just one sentence — the character Greef Karga said that she "was recruited by a special unit" and is now helping the New Republic maintain peace in the galaxy.

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