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Ex-child YouTube star made $100,000 in a year on OnlyFans and "regrets nothing"

Ex-child YouTube star made $100,000 in a year on OnlyFans and "regrets nothing"
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Lizzy Capri launched her YouTube channel in 2018 and in just a couple of months gained a million subscribers, becoming a star among content creators for children.

Currently, the young woman has over 7 million subscribers, and the content is predominantly bright videos in pink tones with toy unboxing. This year Lizzy will celebrate her 30th birthday and eventually plans to say goodbye to YouTube... in favor of OnlyFans.

"Over the past six to seven years, my brain has become so trained to create extremely colorful, crazy spectacles," she said. "And now I'm just not interested in watching them."

In the end, Lizzy transitioned to OnlyFans, where over the past year, according to documents reviewed by Business Insider, she earned around $100,000.

Capri says she has always doubted her body and appearance, and OnlyFans has helped boost her confidence. Her account is "safe" because there is no full nudity, and she sees her content there more as "artistic expression."

"It also motivates me to stick to my workout routine, because when I look good, I feel good," she said.

Capri faced a certain "moral dilemma" because she knew that transitioning to adult content would mean a drop in views—however, the risk was justified, even despite losing some contracts. Lizzy's videos for children used to get between 1 to 4 million views, and now they get less than 100,000.

Capri says she wants to be a voice for women who have felt like they've been "in a cage" their whole lives.

It is worth noting that last year "banned" OnlyFans paid nearly $1 million in tax for providing services in Ukraine.

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