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Elon Musk accused Google of "insane racist, anti-civilization programming of its artificial intelligence"

Elon Musk accused Google of "insane racist, anti-civilization programming of its artificial intelligence"
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Elon Musk went into confrontation with Google after it suspended the Gemini image generation function because some users on social networks reported that artificial intelligence constantly generates images of colored people in an inaccurate historical context.

Google stated that "they are aware that Gemini offers inaccuracies in some historical image generation depictions created by artificial intelligence. Gemini "misses the mark" and that they are "working on immediate improvement of such images".

Then Musk wrote several posts on X criticizing Google, as reported by Business Insider.

I'm glad that Google overplayed their hand with their AI image generation, as it made their insane racist, anti-civilizational programming clear to all.

Musk has his role in the artificial intelligence market. Artificial intelligence X, Grok, is a chatbot that learns from X publications, and which Musk promised to make politically neutral.

The billionaire also took a swipe at Gemini leader Jack Kravchik. On Wednesday, he stated that Gemini's image generation capabilities were designed to "reflect our global user base." Musk took the time to find and screenshot Kravchik's message about the 2020 elections and quipped quite awkwardly:

Later, he called his mom, drank a whole carton of soy milk, and watched Rachel Maddow.

In the comments, he added the following:

I'm exaggerating, of course, but the tragic part is that it is directionally correct.

Also, I'm not picking on some rando. This nut is a big part of why Google's AI is so racist & sexist.

Earlier on Thursday, Musk wrote on X that he started a Google search on his phone, began typing "why censorship" and found that "the top two results are pro censorship".

Musk positions himself as a champion of free speech, explaining the large amount of manipulative and provocative content on X, including overtly pro-Russian. This is how the recommendations on this query look in full, Musk cut them to illustrate a convenient point of view.

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