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Apple has added Qi2 charging support to the iPhone 12

Apple has added Qi2 charging support to the iPhone 12
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Apple did not mention it, but the iPhone 12 smartphone has received support for Qi2 wireless charging technology that it did not have before. This happened thanks to the update of the operating system to iOS 17.4, which was released last month.

Qi2 is an improved version of the Qi standard for wireless charging, which offers faster, more efficient, and adaptive wireless charging for various devices. It allows to transfer up to 15W of power to compatible devices. Similar to Apple MagSafe, the technology uses magnetic rings in both the device and the charger to ensure proper alignment of the charging coils.

So now iPhone 12 owners will be able to fully utilize Qi2 certified chargers and receive full charging power. Previously, the iPhone was limited to wireless charging at 7.5W unless using expensive MagSafe certified chargers.

The support for Qi2 on iPhone 12 was revealed almost accidentally. Macworld published the results of their own tests along with confirmation from Belkin that its Qi2 chargers support 15W charging on updated iPhone 12 devices. Since then, Anker has confirmed similar compatibility with their products. However, Apple has not responded to a request for comment.

The iPhone 12 became the first Apple smartphone with MagSafe technology and supports MagSafe magnetic charging at 15W since its debut in 2020. iPhone 13 and 14 received Qi2 support with the iOS 17.2 update, and iPhone 15 received it out of the box. So now all iPhone MagSafe are certified Qi2.

Source: The Verge

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