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SpaceX has launched a compact Starlink Mini satellite communications terminal priced at $599

SpaceX has launched a compact Starlink Mini satellite communications terminal priced at $599
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SpaceX has introduced a compact version of the terminal called Starlink Mini, which the company positions as a mobile option for its satellite internet customers.

"Starlink Mini is a compact portable set that easily fits in a backpack and is designed to provide high-speed, low-latency Internet," SpaceX said.

The company offers a "limited number" of Starlink Mini antennas for $599 in early access. This is $100 more than the base model of the Standard terminal, which is sold with the Residential service, although the company aims to lower the price.

In addition to the equipment cost, servicing Starlink Mini costs $150 per month. SpaceX offers Mini service as an additional package at a rate of $30 per month in addition to the standard Residential service cost of $120 per month.

The Mini Roam service "can be used anywhere in the United States," but it has a 50 GB data limit per month. If the data limit is exceeded, the company will charge an additional $1 for each additional gigabyte.

The Starlink Mini terminal weighs and measures like a laptop. It weighs just over 900 g, and its dimensions are 28.9x24.8x3.8 cm. This is approximately half the size and one third the weight of the standard Starlink terminal.

Starlink Mini is equipped with a built-in WiFi router and has "lower power consumption" than other terminals, but can still boast speeds of over 100 Mbps.

The company is currently "ramping up production" of the Starlink Mini, and the device "will soon be available on international markets."

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wrote that setting up the Starlink Mini took less than 5 minutes.

"This product will change the world," Musk said.

Source: cnbc

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