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AMD processors with Zen 5 architecture won't support Windows 10 - Lenovo manager

One of the managers of Lenovo China noted that the AMD Zen 5 Strix Point processors will not receive Windows 10 drivers. The manufacturer prioritizes compatibility with the latest version of Windows 11 24H2, which aligns with AMD's trend towards AI c...

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Windows 10 will have a new feature that promotes creating a Microsoft account to archive files

With the release of the May update for Windows 10, a new feature will appear in the operating system that will strongly recommend the user to create a Microsoft account. In the update starting to roll out on May 14, this feature will be activated by ...

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For advanced Windows 10 security updates, companies will have to pay from $61 for the first year

Microsoft will end support for Windows 10 on October 14, 2025. For users (primarily corporate ones) who, for certain reasons, will not be able to switch to a newer OS but will still need a secure work environment, the company has arranged the option ...

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