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AMD processors with Zen 5 architecture won't support Windows 10 - Lenovo manager

AMD processors with Zen 5 architecture won't support Windows 10 - Lenovo manager
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One of the managers of Lenovo China noted that the AMD Zen 5 Strix Point processors will not receive Windows 10 drivers. The manufacturer prioritizes compatibility with the latest version of Windows 11 24H2, which aligns with AMD's trend towards AI computing and NPU integration in future processors.

Future Strix Point chips, which are rumored to be called Ryzen AI HX, indicate AMD's goal to support AI performance at the level of 45 TOPS, with an overall system performance in the company estimated at 77 TOPS. As new computing technologies will be driven by artificial intelligence, AMD's move towards the latest version of Windows is justified. However, this will create compatibility issues for Windows 10 users who wish to install the new processors in their systems.

The manager also mentioned that the AMD Zen 5 processors will not make a giant leap in performance - earlier rumors suggested an increase of 40%.

"Where does the 40% come from? I have seen that Zen 5 has a 10% increase in IPC compared to Zen 4. In the CR23 1T test, the increase was over 10%. In addition, Win10 enthusiasts should note that starting from Strix Point, AMD will not provide Win10 drivers."

He also noted that such a significant performance increase within one generation is impossible, and the 10% improvement achieved in the next generation is noteworthy. However, this may disappoint people who believe in previous assumptions.

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