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Apple uses the logo of the new iPad Pro as part of its cooling system

Apple uses the logo of the new iPad Pro as part of its cooling system
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The Apple M4 processor inside the new iPad Pro is quite powerful and requires appropriate cooling. The company has turned the Apple logo behind the tablet into a radiator.

One of the most interesting elements that Apple showcased during the iPad Pro presentation was the processor cooling system. The Apple logo has become its passive part. The new iPad Pro models have higher performance and better temperature management than the previous ones. This is partially due to two new technologies that improve heat dissipation.

Firstly, Apple added graphite sheets to the body of the new iPad Pro. Secondly, the Apple logo itself, located on the back panel of the iPad Pro, now serves as part of the cooling design. The logo is made of copper and functions as a radiator, helping to dissipate heat from the M4 chip and other internal components.

Apple claims that the new iPad Pro offers 20% better cooling, but does not reveal how much this new copper logo contributes to these advantages. This is a rather creative way to add functionality to the iconic Apple logo. However, it remains to be seen how much the logo actually helps in heat dissipation. It could turn out to be either an effective technology or a simple marketing move that creates the impression of greater technological sophistication in the iPad Pro.

Source: SamMobile

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