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Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor will get up to 4.26GHz to beat Apple's A18 - insider

According to the insider, Qualcomm is increasing the clock speed of the mobile processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 to 4.26 GHz. This change will allow it to compete with the future A18 and A18 Pro chips for the iPhone, which can also operate at higher frequ...

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Apple's $140 MacBook Air has been stripped of its non-working screen and turned into a desktop computer

The malfunctioning Apple MacBook display is a big inconvenience, and its repair can be expensive. However, some people use laptops exclusively as desktop PCs, with a large monitor and don't even open them. Brady Snyder from XDA disassembled a non-wor...

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Apple uses the logo of the new iPad Pro as part of its cooling system

The Apple M4 processor inside the new iPad Pro is quite powerful and requires appropriate cooling. The company has turned the Apple logo behind the tablet into a radiator. One of the most interesting elements that Apple showcased during the iPad Pro ...

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