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Gifts from France for the AFU - "Caesar" SAU and "smart" AASM Hammer bombs (under F-16?)

Gifts from France for the AFU - "Caesar" SAU and "smart" AASM Hammer bombs (under F-16?)
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The defense ministers of France (Sebastian Lecornu) and Ukraine (Rustem Umerov) have announced the "Artillery for Ukraine" coalition. This initiative aims to strengthen Ukraine's military support in both the short and long term.

Sebastian Lecornu also stated that France will deliver 6 self-propelled artillery units Caesar to Ukraine in the coming weeks, which Ukraine acquired with its own funds. Furthermore, in 2024, France is capable of producing an additional 72 such self-propelled artillery units for Ukraine. Of these, France is ready to finance 12 units itself, at a cost of €50 million. Sebastian Lecornu calls on allies to finance the production of the remaining 60 units.

It is worth noting that the Caesar self-propelled artillery unit is equipped with a 155mm gun. It is capable of firing at distances of up to 42 km at a rate of up to 6 rounds per minute.

The French defense ministers added that starting from the end of January, France will be able to supply the Ukrainian army with 3000 155mm shells used by the "Caesars" every month. Currently, the delivery volume is 2000 shells per month, compared to only 1000 per month at the beginning of the war.

In addition, France intends to provide Ukraine with 50 AASM Hammer high-precision air bombs each month. This bomb is equipped with a special complex with an accelerator, allowing it to travel up to 100 km and be guided by satellite, laser, or infrared guidance. Such weaponry has not been previously supplied to Ukraine. It is possible that the transfer of AASM Hammer is linked to the expected delivery of F-16 aircraft to Ukraine.


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