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Hackers hacked into one of Kalashnikov Concern's divisions and published missile data

Hackers hacked into one of Kalashnikov Concern's divisions and published missile data
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Hackers from Head Mare group have breached the servers of the Russian military company NPO "Precision Systems and Technologies", part of the Kalashnikov concern, and have posted a lot of documentation online. Among them are descriptions of two types of missiles.

Also disclosed are data about responsible personnel and their activities, floor plans, and much more. Hackers note that despite the company's efforts in cybersecurity, as mentioned in the documentation, they were able to hack it without any difficulty.

One of the "declassified" missiles turned out to be the new hypersonic "Gvozdika". This is a target missile being developed for Russian air defense training against similar targets. Drawings and a 3D model of the missile, its characteristics, test results of specific components, and information about the developers have been disclosed.

Hackers have accessed data on the production and testing of the controlled component of the 9M333 guided SAM. These missiles are used as ammunition for the 9K35M4 "Strela-10M4" SAM, which have infrared homing.

The missile's development took about 40 years, but it only went into serial production at the end of 2020.

The hackers reported the breach on Twitter, where they highlighted the poor cybersecurity of the enterprise and reported on deficiencies in the missile's design. The full set of documentation is available at the link.

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