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Ukraine will mass produce combat and cargo ground drones - Mykhailo Fedorov

Ukraine will mass produce combat and cargo ground drones - Mykhailo Fedorov
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The Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, wrote on Facebook that mass production of ground drones (robotic platforms) for various purposes will begin in Ukraine. According to Fedorov, more than 50 models have already been tested on the Brave1 platform at the test site.

We are talking about kamikaze drones, turrets with weapons, mines, and demining robots, as well as platforms for cargo delivery and rescuing the wounded. The goal of production and implementation is to minimize human presence on the battlefield.

"Robots have successfully demonstrated themselves on the test site, and in a few months they will be on the battlefield - hundreds of different platforms will be purchased through UNITED24. We continue to develop innovations so that the Defense Forces can procure them," the minister writes.

In Fedorov's opinion, ground robots can change the situation on the front line just like drones have already done in the air. He called them an asymmetric response to the numerical superiority of Russian occupiers.

"More than 140 robotic systems are registered on the Brave1 platform, 96 of them have passed defense expertise, 14 developments are codified according to NATO standards. Some of these robots are already operating on the front line, for example, the turret 'Shablya'."

The efforts of the Brave1 platform are aimed at mass production of ground drones. The state, in turn, will begin their mass procurement. According to Fedorov, ground drones will follow the same path that UAVs have taken lately.

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