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From $2500 for an electric car - bankrupt Fisker plans to sell off its fleet for cheap

From $2500 for an electric car - bankrupt Fisker plans to sell off its fleet for cheap
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The cheapest Fisker Ocean electric crossover was estimated at $2500, while the most expensive reached $16,500.

As reported by CarAndDriver, Fisker plans to wholesale all cars (a total of 3231 units) of the New York-based American Lease (a car rental service) as part of the bankruptcy case — the total deal reaches $46 million. According to a court statement, the company "will not be able to finance essential expenses, such as payroll or tax payments, if the sale is not approved by July 12th."

The cost of electric cars was determined based on their condition (lowest for damaged ones). Fisker notes that it has approximately 2711 new electric cars in the US and Canadian fleets in "good working condition", reserved at the highest price of $16,500.

When the Ocean first went on sale, its price ranged from around $40,000 for the base Sport model to over $70,000 for the Extreme model. During the failed attempt to avoid bankruptcy in March, Fisker reduced these figures to $24,000.

According to the proposed agreement, Fisker is not required to honor warranties for repairs or servicing. Regarding the service for current car owners, the company responded:

"At this time, we have no comments other than our documents."

The company will also provide American Lease "all relevant source codes or other operational elements of the software, as well as any developments that may be necessary to ensure the operation of the cars."

  • The Ocean electric car, which hit the market last year (sales started on June 23, 2023), received a lot of criticism from owners. Users reported a number of software and mechanical issues. The company itself experienced problems with customer service and even money tracking. In the end, Fisker was only able to sell a few thousand cars. Their assembly was handled by the contract manufacturer Magna.
  • Fisker tried to stay afloat with several rounds of layoffs and other cost-cutting measures. The company also changed its business model. Earlier this year, Fisker abandoned direct sales to customers — a system popularized by Tesla — and instead tried to collaborate with well-known dealers. Ultimately, the efforts were not enough to save the company.

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