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A Tesla fan got a Cybertruck to replace the broken one - the other one broke almost immediately, too

A Tesla fan got a Cybertruck to replace the broken one - the other one broke almost immediately, too
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YouTuber and big Tesla fan LamarMK was scared when he found out that his first Cybertruck, which he received in March, broke down on the roadside just two weeks after receiving it. A flurry of red error messages on the car's screen forced him to stop.

The replacement Cybertruck also had to be towed in the end. LamarMK's patience ran out, and he turned to Tesla CEO Elon Musk for help. "We will fix this immediately," Musk replied in a tweet, which delighted the fan, and he seems to have immediately forgotten months of service center hell.

Initially, the service center couldn't fix the Cybertruck for weeks, but they finally returned it after engineers found a grounding wire that shut down the high-voltage system of the car. During the first serious malfunction, the car owner also noticed minor defects: waves on the windshield, sagging headliner, and strange driver seat positioning. He then noticed a problem with the truck's active louvers, which prompted him to ask for help again.

"Don't try to fix this truck anymore, just send a replacement from Texas as soon as possible! I can't even take a two-hour trip without it breaking," wrote the owner on Twitter.

"I have emphasized several times to Tesla that I do not want a buyback or compensation; I just want a replacement Cybertruck," LamarMK added in a comment.

But even the terrible condition of the car didn't dampen his spirits.

"Tesla is what I need. I got everything from Tesla, and I will continue to support the Tesla brand," he says with a smile in the video after weeks of hardship.

By the end of May, Tesla finally fulfilled LamarMK's wish - he received a new truck wrapped in blue vinyl. But then, due to the inability to disconnect the charging cable, he found himself in a difficult situation again. As a result, service center employees had to drill under the trunk lid to manually release the latch, as it would not open when they tried to jump it.

The numerous malfunctions of the Tesla Cybertruck and the difficulties in fixing them make potential customers think twice before buying. The need to turn to the company's CEO to get a working car also does not do Tesla any favors.

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