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Fallout Yesterday: fans revive the lost Fallout 3 from Black Isle

Fallout Yesterday: fans revive the lost Fallout 3 from Black Isle
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An ambitious project by fans of the Fallout series is gaining momentum. The modification called "Fallout Yesterday" recreates the concept of the original Fallout 3, which was never released by Black Isle Studio. Recently, developers unveiled a major update 0.6 and placed the mod on the Nexus Mods platform. Enthusiasts are working on bringing to life the ideas of the canceled game Van Buren - the codename for Fallout 3 by Black Isle. Although some concepts were later used in Fallout: New Vegas, many fans still dream of seeing the original concept. "Fallout Yesterday" tries to recreate the isometric approach, using the Fallout 2 engine. The new version of the mod adds over 30 quests in familiar locations, such as the Hoover Dam and the Maxson Bunker. Developers have introduced hundreds of new types of weapons, character traits, and abilities. They have also expanded the main storyline and added a system of wandering caravans, which brings the game world to life. The creators of "Fallout Yesterday" took an important step by publishing the source code on GitLab. This allows anyone interested to join the development and improvement of the project. Currently, the game can be completed by choosing a specific type of character with a focus on Science and Repairs. Despite the fact that many Van Buren ideas were implemented in Fallout: New Vegas, fans of the series are still interested in the original concept. "Fallout Yesterday" strives to faithfully recreate the Black Isle's vision, preserving the atmosphere and mechanics of the classic parts of the series. Source: [PCgamer](, [Nexusmods](

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