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"Cinema is coming home": Sony has announced a lineup of Mini LED, OLED and LED TVs and speakers for 2024

"Cinema is coming home": Sony has announced a lineup of Mini LED, OLED and LED TVs and speakers for 2024
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Sony has updated its lineup of Mini LED, OLED, and LED TVs and introduced several improvements to attract attention to the new products.

"Cinema is coming home" is the slogan for this year's TVs, and Sony wants to restore Bravia as a brand capable of creating unparalleled viewing experiences in the living room.

The flagship Bravia 9 model features 325% more dimming zones than the X95L model from 2023. Peak brightness has increased by 50% compared to the same X95L model. At the same time, the new TV consumes 20% less energy than its predecessor.

The new TVs feature the XR Backlight Master Drive system, which determines the best way to use the available LEDs. Information processing is handled by a new chip created by Sony specifically for Mini LED technology.

In addition to Dolby Vision across the entire lineup, all new TVs, except for the entry-level Bravia 3, support Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and the new Prime Video Calibrated Mode. This allows the TV to automatically optimize the image for movies, series, and sports broadcasts to provide the best content playback. The Bravia 9 audio system has an additional pair of up-firing tweeters to improve the immersive sound reproduction.

The price of the new Sony Bravia 9 TV starts at $3299.99 for the 65-inch model. The 75-inch and 85-inch screen versions are priced at $3999.99 and $5499.99, respectively.

The rest of Sony's 2024 lineup includes the Bravia 8, which utilizes a standard OLED panel. Sony says it is 31% thinner than the A80L and has reduced the display bezels by 29%. The Bravia 8 includes the same calibrated image modes as the Bravia 9. For gamers, this model offers a 120Hz refresh rate, automatic image optimization for PS5, and a gaming menu for quick access to settings.

The Bravia 7 is another model based on Mini LED technology with overall performance comparable to the X95L, but at a significantly lower price. It costs $2299.99 for the 65-inch version, and the largest 85-inch model is priced at $3499.99.

Meanwhile, Sony maintains the previous year's Mini LED TV X90L in the lineup without any updates.

Completing the new 2024 lineup is the most affordable Bravia 3 series with LED screens providing a 60Hz refresh rate. In this case, the various enhancement technologies available in other new devices are not present, but the signature image processing is available.

All Sony TVs support Google TV with features such as Eco Dashboard. The Bravia 9, 8, and 7 are all compatible with ATSC 3.0.

Sony has also updated its lineup of soundbars and speakers. The flagship wireless Bravia Theater: Quad system allows you to place four speakers anywhere and get 360-degree spatial sound from 16 speakers. The system price without a subwoofer is $2499.99. More affordable models, such as Bravia Theatre Bar 9 (with 13 speakers) and Bravia Theatre Bar 8 (with 11 speakers), are also offered. They create a room map for perfect 3D sound reproduction.

For those who enjoy watching TV at night, the Bravia Theater U neck speaker is available for $299.99. It can be connected to two devices simultaneously, and the built-in microphone allows you to make phone calls while relaxing on the couch.

You can pair any of these external speakers with the integrated sound of the Bravia TV, and Sony will ensure that each device operates within the optimal frequency range.

Source: The Verge

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