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Some Samsung smartphones have started showing a problem with a green line on the screen

Some Samsung smartphones have started showing a problem with a green line on the screen
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Owners of some not very new Samsung Galaxy smartphones have started to complain en masse about an issue with the display. It has been dubbed the "green line problem."

As the name suggests, it appears as a thin green line. It is displayed vertically on the screen, disrupts the normal operation of the screen, and potentially obstructs the phone's functionality. This problem seems to primarily affect phones from the Galaxy S21 series, with the Galaxy S21 Ultra and S21 FE models being mentioned most frequently.

Some users seem to have noticed the green line accidentally, while others attribute it to software updates or intense use, such as during gaming sessions. One X/Twitter user reported noticing the line immediately after installing a software update on their Galaxy S21 FE. Another encountered it after installing the April patch on their Galaxy S21 Ultra (model number SMG998B).

The exact cause of the green line problem remains unknown. It could be a software glitch, usually resolved by a simple reboot or factory reset. The fact that the issue persists for some users suggests a potential hardware defect.

In this case, the most likely cause of the problem is a faulty display connector or flexible cable. These internal components connect the display to the mainboard of the phone, and any damage or loosening can lead to display malfunctions.

The fact that the problem often arises after a smartphone software update also has an explanation. It is likely that the software update, combined with environmental factors, can generate enough heat (especially on phones with Samsung Exynos chipsets) to trigger or accelerate an existing hardware defect in the display. Some speculate that this heat may weaken the adhesive holding the display components together, leading to the green line problem. However, this theory is not definitive, as intense use, such as gaming, also generates significant heat but less frequently causes the issue.

Over the past year, the green line problem has also affected older smartphones with AMOLED displays from other manufacturers. In response to similar complaints, OnePlus in India began offering a lifetime screen warranty to its customers.

Although Samsung has not officially acknowledged this issue yet, the company has offered repair and replacement for similar issues that users of the Galaxy S20 series faced previously.

Source: androidauthority

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