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Bulgari's 1.77mm thick mechanical watch, or what you can get for $0.59 million

Bulgari's 1.77mm thick mechanical watch, or what you can get for $0.59 million
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The Italian luxury brand Bulgari has once again broken their own record for the thinnest mechanical watches in the world. The new Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra COSC watches have a thickness of just 1.7 mm - approximately the same as a classic spaghetti noodle from a restaurant.

Bulgari has held the record for the thinnest watches in the world for a long time, but after the release of the Ferrari RM UP-01 Richard Mille watches (1.75 mm) in 2022, they had to make even thinner ones. The result is the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra COSC, which come with an "optimized" 40 mm case "even thinner than a coin". Bulgari somehow managed to fit all 170 components of the device into this thin case.

Bulgari uses tungsten carbide for the main plate of the watches (the component that serves as the base for all moving parts), as well as titanium for the bracelet, lugs, and bezel. Unlike previous record-breaking Bulgari watches, these watches are certified as chronometers. The certification is provided by the Swiss Official Chronometer Control (COSC) and indicates that the watches have undergone thorough testing to ensure they keep accurate time.

The watches have a "datamatrix" engraved on the back panel, which, according to Bulgari's Executive Director Antoine Pin, offers a "digital experience for your watches". It also provides owners access to "all product information", including warranty and user manual. However, it is not specified whether this code links the owner to an NFT, like previous Bulgari ultra-thin watches.

The Octo Finissimo Ultra COSC is priced at $590,000. Only 20 pieces were created, each coming with a case that automatically sets the time and winds the watch.

Source: The Verge

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