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A remake of Wizardry, the 1981 game that was the world's first team-based -RPG, has been released on Steam

A remake of Wizardry, the 1981 game that was the world's first team-based -RPG, has been released on Steam
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After several months of early access on Steam, the 3D remake of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, a classic RPG from 1981 by Sir-Tech Software, has been released. Developed by Digital Eclipse, this project brings the iconic role-playing game into modern graphics while retaining the core gameplay elements. The original first-person view game had a party system for up to six characters of different classes such as fighters, mages, clerics, and thieves. The game featured turn-based combat and character development. Players navigated through complex multi-level dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. Known for its strategic depth and challenging gameplay, Wizardry had a significant impact on the RPG genre. The remake was released 43 years later, based on the original code to provide players with an experience close to the original. In addition to updated graphics, mechanics have also been improved. Despite the game's famous difficulty, the Wizardry remake offers some enhancements and conveniences. In their "commitment to precision," developer and publisher Digital Eclipse even included an option to switch to the original Apple II interface. "If you are just discovering the legendary franchise, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord will be the perfect starting point for new players. Series veterans will enjoy the stunning new graphics and sound, as well as the streamlined interface," said the description on Steam. The first-person perspective and turn-based party combat system of Wizardry became key elements in many role-playing games, along with the focus on character creation and development and in-depth exploration of the game world. The game inspired numerous sequels and ports, notably influencing Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Thanks to the update, the game will remain accessible to modern players and new hardware. Source: [GamesRadar](, [GameRant](

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