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Xbox is preparing a full-fledged handheld console and there are new prototypes - unofficially

Xbox is preparing a full-fledged handheld console and there are new prototypes - unofficially
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Jez Corden from the Xbox Two podcast claims that Microsoft is working on a portable version of the Xbox console. He also claims that it is not a cloud device, but a real portable console.

"I know they have portable device prototypes right now... No, it's not a cloud handheld device, it's a true Xbox handheld device."

Corden explained that these are new prototypes, not old devices that are often mentioned. Prototypes do not necessarily mean that new products are coming to the market, but Xbox is still developing a handheld console.

Earlier on the official podcast, Xbox President Sarah Bond specifically discussed future plans: "There is more to come. In terms of hardware, there are some exciting things that we are going to share this holiday. We are also investing in the next generation roadmap. What we are really focused on is to deliver the biggest technical leap you've ever seen in hardware generation, making it better for gamers and creators."

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, over 100 million copies have been sold, and now with the recent releases of the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and the PlayStation Portal in the market over the past few years, similar plans from Xbox seem very likely. The release of portable devices is a successful idea for raising funds amid the overall stagnation in the console market. It is unknown when Xbox will announce the portable Xbox. Various sources speculate that it may be similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Insider Gaming

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