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"Killer" smartphone AI Pin disappointed reviewers - Humane engineer responds that "perfect products don't exist"

"Killer" smartphone AI Pin disappointed reviewers - Humane engineer responds that "perfect products don't exist"
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Last year, Humane announced a gadget assistant with artificial intelligence called Ai Pin. It attaches to clothing and acts as a smart screenless device, using a small projector for displaying information. Last week, this atypical gadget finally hit the market and immediately faced quite harsh criticism.

The device is criticized for its high price of $700 (which is supplemented by a monthly subscription of $24), connection issues to servers, and limited functionality. Moreover, the AI Pin constantly overheats and gives notifications about overheating. It attaches to clothing with a regular magnet, which seems like an unreliable solution. In some reviews, the device is called "unfinished" and "not very useful." The Verge described this product as "completely unfinished" and "completely broken." The New York Times reviewer said he liked the "chic aesthetic" and the device's concept, although he was critical of other aspects.

However, the head of product development at Humane, Ken Kocienda, made an extensive post on Twitter, rejecting criticism and defending AI Pin.

Kocienda claims to use the device "all the time" to ask questions and search the internet, but admitted that it can "sometimes be disappointing," just like his laptop or smartphone.

In an attempt to meet user expectations, he added:

"There is no perfect product. The form factor of Ai Pin is excellent, and our new Ai operating system is a great new landscape for exploration, but it's not magic. Expect the same ups and downs as with your other technologies."

The company advertised the device as a way for consumers to reduce their dependence on smartphones and as an alternative to "typing on a keyboard or scrolling on a screen." However, it seems that there is still work to be done on the Ai Pin.

Source: businessinsider

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