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Like the iPhone: unofficial renders of the Google Pixel 9 and information about the Pixel 9 Pro XL

Like the iPhone: unofficial renders of the Google Pixel 9 and information about the Pixel 9 Pro XL
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The informant @OnLeaks and the website 91mobiles have presented renders of the Google Pixel 9 phone. Four images and a 360° video showcase a black smartphone with flat edges, not only on the edges of the device, but also on the camera block.

Except for the cameras, the Google smartphone closely resembles the Apple iPhone. The cameras seem relatively massive and prominently protrude, with the reflection on the glossy back surface of the phone enhancing the effect. A large gap may indicate that the device itself will be thinner. This could be achieved by reducing the battery and cooling system, however, rumors suggest that the Tensor G4 processor may utilize Fan out Wafer Level Packaging technology, which not only reduces the thickness of the chip but also helps increase thermal resistance and improve performance.

Unofficially known, the Pixel 9 will feature a 6.03" OLED screen. The smartphone has dimensions of 152.8 x 71.9 x 8.5-12 mm, taking into account the camera protrusion. The power button and volume control buttons are located on the right side of the flat frame. Regarding the black color of the phone, visible in the images, there is no other confirmation besides the renders.

Rumors suggest that the Pixel 9 will have Adaptive Touch feature, which will adjust the sensitivity of the touchscreen based on environmental conditions and screen protection. It is also known to have Qi2 charging technology, which increases wireless charging speed to 15W.

Another piece of news is the presence of a new top model in the lineup, the Pixel 9 Pro XL. Although it seems like good news, according to the Wccftech site, there is cause for concern. In the Pixel 8 series, Google made some camera features exclusive to the Pro variant despite both phones having the same hardware. A similar manipulation could be done with the Pixel 9 Pro compared to the XL version.

It is known that the standard Pixel 9 and the Pro variant will have identical dimensions. This may mean that the Pro XL will be larger. It is unknown what hardware changes this will lead to. The launch of the new Google Pixel phones is expected in the fall, and there may be some official details at the Google I/O 2024 event.

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