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White and without optical drive: photos of the new Xbox X console

White and without optical drive: photos of the new Xbox X console
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The website eXputer managed to obtain photos of the new modification of the Microsoft Xbox gaming console. The source reports that it is a white Xbox Series X console, which has only a digital format similar to the Xbox Series S. According to rumors, the console will be available for sale this summer.

The photos are not very high quality, but they fully convey the overall design. The lack of an optical drive is noticeable on the front panel, while the connectors on the back remain almost the same.

According to unofficial data, several components have been updated in the white Xbox Series X, including the radiator, but there are no significant improvements. It is expected that the price of the console will be lower compared to the existing Xbox X.

Earlier, it became known about the presence of a devkit for the new modification of Xbox in the Korean regulator's database, and later information appeared about the preparation of a portable version of the console. However, all this may not help - according to new data, developers are losing interest in the Microsoft gaming console.

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