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The specifications of 9 Intel Core Ultra 200V (Lunar Lake) processors are known - the chips will appear in September, there will be more models to come

The specifications of 9 Intel Core Ultra 200V (Lunar Lake) processors are known - the chips will appear in September, there will be more models to come
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A leak concerning the lineup of 9 Intel Core Ultra 200V processors (Lunar Lake), which includes the flagship Core Ultra 9 288V processors, was shared by the VideoCardz website. More information about the new Intel processors is promised in the coming weeks.

The Intel presentation at Computex 2024 was focused on this series, which will be a very important launch for the company as it introduces several new architectures. The main new feature of the processors is the NPU block capable of delivering up to 48 TOPS in artificial intelligence tasks.

Additionally, the chips will feature a completely new CPU and GPU architecture. The Lunar Lake will debut with the powerful Lion Cove cores and energy-efficient Skymont cores. The processors will have a 4+4 core configuration and will be designed for energy-efficient mobile devices.

Another feature is the Xe2-LPG graphic processors, providing a first look at the next-generation Battlemage architecture. While there is no data on individual models yet, the Xe2 architecture seems promising and some companies plan to replace models with Core Ultra 100 with the 200V series.

Among the processors that have been revealed, there are four new Core Ultra 7 and four Ultra 5. They have 8 or 7 Xe2 cores with 32 or 16 GB of LPDDR5-8533 memory on the chip. Since the memory is integrated, its amount cannot be changed.

Intel Core Ultra 9 288V will have a 30W PL1 (processor base power consumption) and 30W PL2 (maximum power consumption in Turbo mode). This will be the only chip in the lineup with a 30W PL1, while the others will default to 17W TDP. The expected highest clock speed is 5.1 GHz for P-cores and 3.7 GHz for E-cores. The NPU performance will range from 40 to 48 TOPS, while the GPU performance will range from 53 to 67 TOPS, depending on the model. Other Core Ultra 9 processors on Lunar Lake are also planned. Their full specifications are not yet known, but it is reported that these Core Ultra 9 processors indeed exist.

Furthermore, Intel will introduce a clearer naming scheme for its integrated graphics. Core Ultra 9 and Ultra 7 will feature Arc A140V graphics with 8 Xe2 cores, while Core Ultra 5 will include Arc A130V with 7 Xe2 cores. The frequency of the graphic cores will increase to 2.05 GHz. Rumors suggest that the Intel Core Ultra 200V series will be introduced in mid-September.

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