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MSI announced the world's first CAMM2 memory motherboard for desktop PCs

MSI announced the world's first CAMM2 memory motherboard for desktop PCs
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In collaboration with Kingston, MSI has announced the world's first desktop motherboard with support for CAMM2 memory. The new memory form factor was previously mentioned only as a format for laptops. Although this new memory is best suited for laptops, the JEDEC CAMM2 standard also supports desktop PCs. The new motherboard will be presented at the Computex 2024 exhibition in early June.

The MSI Z790 Project Zero Plus motherboard has a black-silver coating. In the revealed photo, it can be seen that to the right of the processor socket, the DDR5 DIMM slots have been replaced by a single CAMM2 module, secured with four screws.

This layout opens up new possibilities for installing CPU coolers and the RAM itself. Traditional modules often interfere with the CPU cooler, and the SO-DIMM form factor also limits cooling capabilities for the RAM. Additionally, CAMM2 has the potential to become particularly relevant for building compact computers.

CAMM2 is a new memory standard that is set to replace the long-dominant SO-DIMM. CAMM2 combines the capabilities of dual-channel memory configuration and support for a 128-bit bus in one module. In laptops, such memory takes up 65% less space, and as can be seen, in desktops, the space saving can be even greater.

The standard not only supports DDR5 memory modules but also works with faster LPDDR5X memory modules. The latest CAMM2 LPDDR5X modules have a speed of 7500 MT/s and in the future, they may be able to operate even faster.

The Kingston Fury Impact CAMM2 module used with the new MSI motherboard is only DDR5. However, it is expected that Kingston will apply an XMP profile to the module, which could potentially increase performance.

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