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OpenAI introduced GPT-4o: GPT-4 level, incredible voice and vision capabilities - for free

OpenAI introduced GPT-4o: GPT-4 level, incredible voice and vision capabilities - for free
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OpenAI has introduced a new language model of artificial intelligence called GPT-4o. The company claims that the model will work just like GPT-4 but much faster. GPT-4o has also received a new voice mode technology for direct communication with ChatGPT. At OpenAI, they have always wanted to make a voice conversation with ChatGPT similar to talking to a real person, but the delay in response was ruining the immersion. The company has implemented technologies in GPT-4o for the most natural communication with the chatbot.

OpenAI held a demonstration of a conversation with GPT-4o using voice. GPT-4o not only responded almost instantly when the speaker finished talking. The AI also responded by converting text to speech with a full sense of real-time communication.

During another demonstration, GPT-4o told a bedtime story with the prompt "work and love." In the middle of the story, Mark from OpenAI intervened and asked GPT-4o to adjust the emotions. GPT-4o changed the voice depending on the questions, from dramatic performance to a cold, robotic tone. In the end, GPT-4o even sang.

In the next demonstration, an equation was written on paper and shown to GPT-4o through a phone camera. GPT-4o was asked to help solve it, but not to give the answer right away. The AI guided the demonstrator through the process of solving the equation, similar to how a math teacher would do it. Additionally, it even provided an answer to the typical question: "When will I be able to use this in real life?"

GPT-4o was also used to check code. The model was able to not only explain what the code does but also say what will happen if certain parts of it are changed. The demonstration also showed that GPT-4o can act as a voice translator between two people speaking different languages.

Usually, when OpenAI announces a new version of its ChatGPT model, it is limited to paid access. However, the company has decided to allow everyone to use this new technology, although paid users will have many more possibilities. The new technology will be deployed in the coming weeks. Soon, the ChatGPT application will be deployed for desktop PCs with voice and visual capabilities.

Source: XDA

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