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OpenAI has created a desktop ChatGPT program for macOS and shared access to the GPT Store

OpenAI has created a desktop ChatGPT program for macOS and shared access to the GPT Store
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The Technical Director of OpenAI, Mira Murati, has announced the release of the desktop program ChatGPT. Currently, it is only available for macOS.

OpenAI demonstrated the desktop program during their event on Tuesday. Users were able to open ChatGPT in a small window next to another program. They asked ChatGPT questions about what they had on the screen - typing or speaking the query. Then ChatGPT can respond based on what it "sees".

OpenAI says that users can ask ChatGPT questions using the Option + Space key combination, as well as take and discuss screenshots in the application. Users of both the paid and free versions of the service will have access to the program. However, starting today, it will only be available to ChatGPT Plus users, with a broader deployment in the coming weeks.

OpenAI plans to launch a Windows version of the program "later this year". ChatGPT is already available as an application for iOS and Android.

At the same time, OpenAI announced an update to the ChatGPT interface and shared its images. The changes are actually minor, affecting the main screen and message layout.

"We know that these models are becoming increasingly complex," explains Mira Murati. "But we want the interaction to be more natural, easier, and for you not to focus on the user interface at all, but to focus on collaborating with ChatGPT."

Additionally, OpenAI is making several of its features, previously available only by subscription, available to free ChatGPT users. The most interesting of these is the ability to work with GPT Store and use custom bots.

The company launched its GPT Store for paid subscribers just four months ago, on January 10. The store allows ChatGPT Plus subscribers to create their own chat bots called GPT and share them. OpenAI offers a revenue-sharing program for GPT developers based on engagement. But the audience for bots was limited due to restricted access only for paid ChatGPT users. Now, the situation should improve with the wider availability of the store.

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