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"Skynet" by Microsoft and OpenAI: "Stargate" supercomputer will cost $100 billion

Microsoft and OpenAI plan to create an unprecedented supercomputer made up of millions of specialized chips, which could cost up to $100 billion. According to The Information, the supercomputer, known as Stargate, will be the central part of a five-s...

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X Twitter allows adult communities

The social network X (formerly Twitter) has confirmed the possibility of creating adult communities (NSFW, not safe for work) on the platform, rumors of which emerged the day before. According to changes in X Communities: "Soon NSFW content will be ...

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OpenAI unveiled Voice Engine, a model for generating voice from a sample - turns out it's already been heard by the masses

OpenAI presented the results of the Voice Engine, a tool for realistic voice synthesis based on a 15-second sample and text, which has been developed for about two years. But there is no public access to it - due to the company's obvious concerns abo...

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