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"Skynet" by Microsoft and OpenAI: "Stargate" supercomputer will cost $100 billion

"Skynet" by Microsoft and OpenAI: "Stargate" supercomputer will cost $100 billion
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Microsoft and OpenAI plan to create an unprecedented supercomputer made up of millions of specialized chips, which could cost up to $100 billion. According to The Information, the supercomputer, known as Stargate, will be the central part of a five-step plan to build a series of supercomputers over the next six years. "Stargate," which is set to become the fifth phase of the plan, could be launched as early as 2028.

The leaders of both companies have reportedly already outlined plans for the data processing center, which will utilize OpenAI's artificial intelligence. Microsoft is likely to provide the funding for the project. Currently, OpenAI uses Microsoft's data processing centers for their generative AI system, ChatGPT, in exchange for Microsoft's exclusive rights to resell OpenAI technology to their clients.

The supercomputer could be 100 times more expensive than the largest data processing centers currently in operation. The project appears to require a massive amount of funds to be invested in the industry. Stargate has the potential to significantly exceed the computing power currently provided by Microsoft to OpenAI, but this may require at least several gigawatts of power.

Obtaining the necessary amount of chips is a key factor driving Stargate's high price. Ensuring an adequate amount of energy to power the project may also pose challenges. Companies are considering the possible use of various energy sources, including nuclear power.

The demand for artificial intelligence microchips has reached its peak, allowing a few select companies, primarily NVIDIA, to control the market. Altman expressed disappointment with this situation and earlier this year hinted at wanting to create their own chips. Another issue is the placement and cooling of the processors. It is also unclear where "Stargate" will be located.

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