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No one needs artificial intelligence - Copilot+ PCs are bought for another reason

No one needs artificial intelligence - Copilot+ PCs are bought for another reason
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Microsoft and Qualcomm together with partners recently released Copilot+ PC laptops with AI features that are supposed to change the game. However, Bloomberg reports that most owners bought these laptops for the long battery life, not for AI.

Many users consider features such as Copilot, Cocreator, Windows Studio Effects, and Live Captions with Translation unnecessary in everyday life. And some might even be harmful - Microsoft has also delayed the release of the Recall feature due to privacy issues.

However, Snapdragon-based laptops have shown good sales, with Copilot+ AI PCs accounting for 20% of worldwide PC sales within a week of launch. However, industry analyst Avi Greengart believes that most users bought these laptops for the improved battery life, not for the AI.

Software giants are also not enthusiastic about the AI capabilities of the new laptops. Adobe, Salesforce, and SentinelOne have rejected Microsoft's request to adapt their programs for use with the built-in NPU of Copilot+ PC.

It is expected that only 3% of PCs sold this year will have artificial intelligence capabilities. Therefore, software developers are right not to rush to adapt to them. According to estimates, it will be several years before computers with truly powerful artificial intelligence reach the hands of every fifth new PC buyer. Even by 2028, only 40% of new computers will support AI.

Ordinary consumers are more likely to buy computers with artificial intelligence, especially those who want a longer battery life and prefer the familiar Windows OS. However, corporations will not be switching to Windows on Arm en masse. Especially those that need outdated programs.

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