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ASUS unveils ROG Ally X - handheld console gets rid of major flaws and will be released on June 2

ASUS unveils ROG Ally X - handheld console gets rid of major flaws and will be released on June 2
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In the portable console The Next ROG Ally, or ASUS ROG Ally X, the company attempted to eliminate all the shortcomings that users complained about. At the same time, the console did not receive significant improvements in characteristics and will not be called ROG Ally 2.

The main improvement is the battery. ASUS equipped the console with a battery that is 40% larger. The company does not provide exact data on capacity, but says that gamers who expect about 3 hours of gameplay, compared to 1.5 hours of autonomous operation of the original version, should not be disappointed.

ASUS ROG Ally X will also support M.2 2280 SSD drives, which should simplify upgrades. Previously, some enthusiasts even adapted regular SSDs to the console, now no hardware modification will be needed for this. Changes in terms of the battery and drive may indicate that the console may be larger, but there is no data on the dimensions - only that the console will become heavier.

The system will receive more than 16GB of RAM, ASUS does not say exactly how much and does not provide data on speed. The SD card slot has been moved further away from the ventilation opening. ASUS did not acknowledge temperature issues, rather the changes were dictated by an updated motherboard and design. The device will also be easier to repair - the joystick design has been improved. Another "significant" improvement is the black color.

Processor Ryzen Z1 Extreme and a 7" screen with a refresh rate of 48-120 Hz have not changed, so users can expect the same performance and image quality. The exact price is unknown, but ASUS ROG Ally X will be more expensive than the previous model. The console will be released on June 2.

Source: The Verge

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