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Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch Ultra for $650 and an Apple-like band mount

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Watch Ultra for $650 and an Apple-like band mount
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Samsung has unveiled a new model in its own line of smartwatches - the Galaxy Watch Ultra priced at $649. They feature a round display, but in a form factor that Samsung calls a "pillow."

According to the company, the new design improves protection and visual completeness. This update also brings a new Dynamic Lug bracelet system, which works similar to the Apple Watch strap system.

One of Samsung's main advantages is durability. Galaxy Watch Ultra features a titanium case and 10ATM water resistance - twice as much as most other smartwatches. Samsung also states that the Ultra can work at depths of 500m and altitudes of up to 9000m. This extends to physical activity tracking, which includes AI-based features of the One UI 6 Watch OS, such as FTP Metrics. There is also a new screen for tracking multiple sports. Like the Galaxy Watch 7, the watch has enhanced health tracking features, including the AGEs Index.

Another major hardware change concerns the buttons. There are top and bottom buttons, as in previous models, with a quick access button between them. Galaxy Watch Ultra also come with an emergency alert.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra measures 47.1 x 47.4 x 12.1 mm and weighs 60.5g. The 1.5-inch display is covered with sapphire glass and has a brightness of 3000 nits. Inside the watch is a new 3nm Exynos W1000 processor from Samsung, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. The watch has a 590mAh battery and runs on Wear OS 5 with One UI 6 Watch.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is available in Titanium Silver and Titanium Gray colors. Samsung offers a 25% discount on the watches in the official US store if ordered together with Galaxy Fold 6 or Flip 6 smartphones.

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