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All on AI. How NVIDIA's revenue structure has changed over the last 5 years (infographic)

All on AI. How NVIDIA's revenue structure has changed over the last 5 years (infographic)
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After the boom of artificial intelligence, the key revenue factors of the largest American semiconductor manufacturer have significantly changed.

Server processors for analytics and artificial intelligence have quickly outperformed NVIDIA's main historical area of activity, graphics processors for computers, and are now the company's largest source of revenue. Considering the rapid demand for hardware that powers AI models, NVIDIA's revenue in the last quarter reached $22.1 billion — 265% more than last year.

Below is a chart of NVIDIA's revenue by product line from 2019 to 2024. The illustration was created by Visual Capitalist, based on Syntax Affinity data.

NVIDIA's business of server processors experienced explosive growth, increasing by approximately 409% compared to the fourth quarter of last year. It includes H100 accelerators that power AI systems and which large technology companies are spending billions on — Meta alone plans to use 350,000 H100 units in 2024.

NVIDIA's five main revenue streams

The company played a key role in developing graphics processors for PCs — they currently account for 17.1% of NVIDIA's total revenue. For the first time, gaming graphics cards lost the lead to professional accelerators for data centers in the company's sales volumes back in 2020.

GPUs for 3D visualization and the automotive industry generate 2.6% and 1.8% of NVIDIA's revenues respectively.

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