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Microsoft announced Copilot+ PCs ─ laptops with built-in generative artificial intelligence capabilities

Microsoft announced Copilot+ PCs ─ laptops with built-in generative artificial intelligence capabilities
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Microsoft is making a significant push to integrate AI into laptops. The company has introduced a new brand, Copilot+ PC, which highlights that Windows laptops are equipped with built-in hardware resources for processing AI tasks and support AI features in the operating system.

The AI features will be made possible by a neural processor that is included in the laptops. One of the main functions it will provide is Recall, which is expected to use artificial intelligence to create a "photographic memory" with the ability to search everything you have done and seen on your PC. Laptops will work with more than 40 models of artificial intelligence as part of Windows 11 to enable these new features. The built-in Microsoft AI assistant, Copilot, will also receive support for the GPT-4o model.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's executive for Windows, said that the new laptops will be "58% faster" than a MacBook Air with an M3 processor, and the battery life will last "all day". Microsoft expects to sell 50 million laptops under the Copilot+ PC brand in the next year.

The Copilot+ PC has specific hardware requirements. They must have an NPU block, at least 16 GB of RAM, and an SSD with a capacity of at least 256 GB. Arm versions based on Qualcomm processors should provide up to 15 hours of battery life while web surfing.

Microsoft will offer such systems as part of the Surface lineup, and key partners such as Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Acer, and Asus will also release them. Although the company is making a significant push to integrate Arm chips into Windows laptops, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that laptops with Intel and AMD chips will also have these AI features.

Microsoft sees these devices as the beginning of a new era for Windows laptops. Transitioning to Arm-based chips can significantly increase battery life on such laptops. And the new AI features are designed to work on the processor's hardware resources. These are two big bets on unproven hardware and software. If they work, they could be transformative changes for Windows laptops.

Source: The Verge

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