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iOS 18 will get localized AI. Apple's big language model makes do without cloud computing

iOS 18 will get localized AI. Apple's big language model makes do without cloud computing
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The starter kit of new artificial intelligence functions (read: new Siri) that Apple plans to add to iOS 18 will not rely on cloud servers at all, according to Mark Gurman in the latest Power On digest for Bloomberg.

iOS 18: focusing on local AI

Apple will announce iOS 18 along with other new OS versions at the upcoming WWDC24 presentation on June 10. A significant part of this big presentation will be the first artificial intelligence features that, according to Mark Gurman, will work locally on the device without involving remote servers. This means that a component of cloud data processing has been "cut out" from the large language model that will power Apple's AI services. More secure local processing of sensitive personal information is expected to be one of the key distinctions of Apple's AI, which consistently emphasizes privacy and security on the iPhone and other products.

Preliminary data suggests that iOS 18 will introduce new generative AI functions for the Spotlight search tool on the iPhone. Additionally, new AI features will enhance Siri, Safari, Shortcuts, Apple Music, Messages, Health, Numbers, Pages, Keynote, and other applications. Earlier, Gurman reported that Siri will become smarter and learn to respond to more complex questions, and Messages will feature auto-completion of sentences. Currently, everything points to the fact that Apple will not directly respond to ChatGPT in iOS 18, but it cannot be completely ruled out that an embedded chatbot based on Gemini or another method will be introduced.

Apple is also likely to offer a range of cloud-based artificial intelligence functions that will operate on Google Gemini or another third-party provider's model. Among the potential partners for Apple in the field of generative AI are Google, OpenAI, and even the Chinese Baidu. According to preliminary reports, Apple has been in talks with all of the aforementioned companies. Furthermore, well-known Apple supply chain analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Jeff Pu have reported on the developer's purchases of large batches of specialized AI servers for the iPhone. Therefore, in the future, Apple may fully enter the race in generative artificial intelligence.

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