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A24 has created posters for 'Rise of the States' using neural networks - to give viewers a better sense of the 'impact of war'

A24 has created posters for 'Rise of the States' using neural networks - to give viewers a better sense of the 'impact of war'
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It's interesting that none of the epic battle scenes on the posters are actually shown in the movie.

Five promotional images for "The States Uprising" showcase post-apocalyptic scenes in major US cities engulfed in conflict: here is a giant sphere amidst smoldering Las Vegas, a floating weapon installation in a lake outside Los Angeles, boats with refugees sailing down the river in Chicago, and so on. Overall, all scenes hint at destruction in iconic locations - though none of them were actually shown in the film.

"The States Uprising" cost A24 $50 million, however, the promotional images suggest a much more expensive film, which has caused dissatisfaction among many viewers.

"None of this happens in the movie," wrote one commenter under the studio's Instagram post. "You are selling a movie that doesn't exist, and that's very strange. I love A24 with all my heart, but I'm disturbed by this situation."

Also, there were traditional hallucinations for AI regarding the geography of objects - for example, the two Marina Towers in Chicago are actually on the same side of the river, while on the poster they are depicted on opposite sides. A three-door car or a giant swan in the lake also do not inspire confidence in the technology.

"You know very well how the film community feels about using content created by artificial intelligence," wrote another user. "And there was more than enough negative reaction to the frames generated by a neural network for the horror film 'Midnight with the Devil' to make it clear to everyone: WE DO NOT WANT THIS. It's ridiculous for the marketing team to even think that this is acceptable."

In a comment to The Hollywood Reporter, a person close to the studio stated that neural networks were used to help people "better imagine the nationwide impact of the fictional war in the movie":

"These are images of artificial intelligence inspired by the film," the source said. "The whole movie is a big 'what if,' so we wanted to continue this thought with powerful images of iconic monuments with dystopian realism."

The film "The States Uprising," directed and written by Alex Garland, also had a successful debut at the box office - with a record-breaking $25.7 million for the studio. Ironically, before this, Garland was best known for his work on the 2014 film "Ex Machina," which warned of the dangers of AI.

"The States Uprising" tells the story of events in the USA during the Civil War - starring Kirsten Dunst, Wagner Moura, Cailee Spaeny, Steven Henderson, and Nick Offerman. Since April 11, the film is also being screened in Ukrainian cinemas.

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