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🤖Atlas is dead, long live Atlas! Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new generation of humanoid robot

🤖Atlas is dead, long live Atlas! Boston Dynamics has unveiled a new generation of humanoid robot
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Boston Dynamics has introduced a new generation of the bipedal robot Atlas - fully electric (without any hydraulics), much faster, more flexible, agile, and even scarier. Together with the robodog Spot and the robot manipulator Stretch, it will be engaged in solving the "most complex tasks in the industry."

On April 16, Boston Dynamics announced the end of the development of the hydraulic humanoid robot Atlas, famous for its runs, dances, parkour, performing various somersaults, and other amazing acrobatic tricks. The video itself is quite nostalgic, as it contains footage of tests of various versions of the Atlas robot, including the earliest prototypes, and unsuccessful falls, which gave rise to many memes. In one way or another, for more than 10 years (the first demonstration took place back in 2013 with DARPA support).


The rotation of the Atlas robots in nature. The evolution of the famous humanoid robot Boston Dynamics

The next day, April 17, Boston Dynamics released another video dedicated to the announcement of a completely new humanoid robot Atlas with a large round screen instead of a face. And in this video, the robot looks very convincing. There are no full technical specifications and a detailed description of all the capabilities of the new Atlas yet. It is known that the new generation relies solely on electronics - the new design does not have any hydraulics, which significantly limited the previous generation. The demo video that introduces the new Atlas vividly demonstrates the flexibility of the new model, which is both stunning and frightening. As you can see, the new Atlas can fold (a kind of origami), rotate its head and other parts of the body by at least 180 degrees.

If you suddenly forgot, a few years ago Hyundai acquired Boston Dynamics for $1.1 billion, becoming the third owner of the famous robot developer founded in 1992 by MIT graduates. The new anthropomorphic machine was developed by joint efforts of Boston Dynamics and Hyundai - in the near future, the South Korean automaker's plants will become a testing ground for the new Atlas, which is still in the early stages of development. According to the plan, pilot tests of Atlas at Hyundai's production facilities should begin in early 2025. Boston Dynamics is not yet ready to discuss when Atlas will go on sale and how much the machine will cost. Boston Dynamics is also not sure if the future serial version of Atlas will be called Atlas, or something else. At the same time, engineers are determined to create a robot capable of performing "boring, dirty, and dangerous" tasks. Well, Ukrainians have yet to create their own humanoid robot, arm it with the DragonFire laser weapon, and send it to clear Ukrainian lands from Russian scum.

Video: Farewell, old Atlas

Video: Hello, all-new Atlas

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