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A former Microsoft vice president showed off the first copy of Windows 95

A former Microsoft vice president showed off the first copy of Windows 95
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Brad Silverberg, former Senior Vice President and Product Manager at Microsoft, showcased the world's first copy of Windows 95. It all started with a post by Dave Plummer, another outstanding Microsoft employee, who stands behind the Task Manager, ZIP files, and the Space Cadet pinball game that was shipped for free with Windows. In the post, Dave demonstrated his version of Windows 95 Special Edition, which he received at launch.

This prompted Brad Silverberg to respond and mention that he still has the very first Windows 95 ever created. It's not just the first version of Windows 95 or a copy from the first batch that hit the shelves. It's the very first copy of Windows 95 that came off the assembly line, the very first copy of Windows 95 created by Microsoft. Brad was asked to post a photo, and he did that.

Windows 95 was released on August 15, 1995 (RTM), with the OS hitting retail on August 24. The new Windows combined previously separate releases of MS-DOS and the Microsoft Windows shell, received a significantly improved graphical interface, and new features such as Plug-and-Play device connection. Windows 95 introduced many elements that later versions of Windows inherited, such as the taskbar, the "Start" button, etc.

File Explorer debuted under its name in Windows 95. Prior to that, Microsoft shipped Windows with MS-DOS Executive, later replacing it with File Manager in Windows 3.x. Windows 95 introduced the user interface in the form known today. The concept of the desktop also debuted in Windows 95. The idea of ​​pinning icons on the desktop was implemented in it. The simple idea of ​​placing a folder or program on the desktop became one of the mainstays in modern OSs.

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