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SpaceX is building a spy satellite network for the Pentagon - Reuters

SpaceX is building a network of hundreds of spy satellites under a secret contract with the US intelligence agency, five sources familiar with the program told Reuters. The spy network is being built by SpaceX's business unit Starshield under a $1.8 ...

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US White House urged developers to avoid C and C++, use 'memory-safe' programming languages

The US government recommends avoiding C or C++ programming tools. In a new report, the White House National Cyber Director's Office (ONCD) urged developers to use "memory-safe programming languages." The advice is a step towards "protecting the build...

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The Pentagon will underbid on F-35s again this year - because of software upgrade problems

The TR-3 software package modernization was supposed to take place in April of last year, but is now postponed to the third quarter of 2024. As reported by DefenseOne, on Tuesday Lockheed Martin announced that the Pentagon will once again receive fe...

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