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Scientists have created the smallest and tightest knot of 54 atoms. It happened by accident

Scientists accidentally tied the smallest and tightest knot in the world in a tiny structure made up of just 54 atoms. Researchers were conducting chemical reactions to create small gold chains. However, one reaction did not go as planned, resulting...

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The Pentagon will underbid on F-35s again this year - because of software upgrade problems

The TR-3 software package modernization was supposed to take place in April of last year, but is now postponed to the third quarter of 2024. As reported by DefenseOne, on Tuesday Lockheed Martin announced that the Pentagon will once again receive fe...

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KVERTUS AD Counter FPV - "trench REB" blocking radio frequencies of Russian drones

The company KVERTUS, a member of the Brave1 cluster, has developed the AD Counter FPV system. It is a "trench radio electronic warfare" system that jams Russian FPV drones, as reported by the TG channel FEDOROV. The system generates white noise in ...

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