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XDefiant - the first Ubisoft game with official Ukrainian localization

XDefiant - the first Ubisoft game with official Ukrainian localization
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Well, Ubisoft, we are looking forward to Ukrainian in future games Assassin's Creed and Far Cry.

Ubisoft seems to be getting closer to the release of XDefiant, a much-anticipated pseudo-free arcade shooter with 6v6 battles. Yesterday, the developers announced a technical stress test to check server readiness for the full release. At the same time, the pre-load of the game on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S has started, and the main news has emerged — the game will have official (text) Ukrainian localization right out of the box. And this is the first Ubisoft game to have such, recalling that the company has two major offices in Ukraine (Kyiv and Odesa).

The testing will take place from April 19 to 21 — those interested can sign up for the test at this link. During the stress test, completing tasks will earn several rewards — exclusive weapon skins and an XP booster to unlock weapon upgrades. Three rewards are provided: MP5 Shamrock skin (just for launching the game), M9 Ember skin (team play), and XP booster (x3) for weapons (for reaching level 18). All items will be available on the shooter's release date.

As for XDefiant, it is a dynamic arcade shooter with characters from Ubisoft franchises — a total of five factions, including hackers from Watch Dogs and former spec-ops from Ghost Recon. Factions and weapon loadouts can be changed during the match. At launch, the game will feature 14 different maps, with new locations, factions, weapons, and modes to be added as the project evolves.

XDefiant still does not have a release date — Ubisoft has repeatedly set internal deadlines, but they have been postponed each time, most recently to the end of February 2024. At the end of March, Tom Henderson released an investigation into the terrible working atmosphere inside Ubisoft — employees anonymously reported a toxic environment, privileged individuals from 'The Boys Club,' a discouraging situation with network code, and the top management's desire to copy Call of Duty. Following this, Ubisoft allegedly orchestrated a wave of strikes against bloggers who covered the situation on YouTube. At the same time, XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin, in response to the investigation, stated that no one intended to copy Call of Duty, and they were delaying the shooter for one reason — serious technical issues with network code and social systems.

Ubisoft is still in a deep creative crisis — previously, Tom Henderson detailed serious internal issues at the world's sixth-largest game development company. If interested, the crisis started earlier and has not improved since then — as detailed here.

However, Ukrainians should definitely pay attention to XDefiant, as the prospects for the appearance of Ukrainian localization in future Ubisoft games directly depend on it.

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