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'Wrap two': Huawei creates a 10-inch phone that folds into three times its size

'Wrap two': Huawei creates a 10-inch phone that folds into three times its size
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For some time now, rumors have been circulating that Huawei is working on a phone that has three parts and folds in two places - effectively tripling. Now insiders Digital Chat Station and Ice Universe have shared fresh details about this device.

Digital Chat Station notes on Weibo that the Huawei phone, which folds three times (allegedly the first in the world), has an innovative design - "internal folding + external folding" with a dual hinge. This design will not allow the phone to be fully folded inside or outside. The overall screen size is estimated to be around 10 inches. This device may also have well-controlled folding - which is the main issue with foldable devices.

The message also mentions that the phone has "advanced new technologies" and claims to have no "competitors." This is a bold statement, considering Samsung's dominance in the foldable device market.

Ice Universe confirms this statement and says that Huawei will be the first to release a triple folding phone. The insider specifically points out Samsung, implying that its technology is "far behind," and the company is still struggling with basic foldable designs.

"One of the prerequisites for triple folding is that it must be thin enough, which is Huawei's strength," says Ice Universe, adding, "This is also Samsung's weakness."

Huawei has long been working on a phone that folds three times. The company began filing patents for this technology back in 2021, with new filings appearing in 2022. Another patent filed in February 2023 shows a phone that folds three times, with two hinges and a flexible screen that folds outward - similar to the one mentioned by Digital Chat Station.

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