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Not just for the internet: a new Wi-Fi system can help catch thieves who break into homes

Not just for the internet: a new Wi-Fi system can help catch thieves who break into homes
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Dutch startup Gamgee has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a home security system that detects physical intrusions by intruders using existing Wi-Fi. The company claims that the Gamgee Wi-Fi Home Alarm system, using artificial intelligence, the "body prints" of trusted individuals and pets, as well as home mapping software, provides thorough protection against thieves. The alarm can be set to detect body prints with an unrecognized mass, gait, or movement indicators that would trigger an alert.

The theory behind this technology is well founded. Earlier, researchers from Carnegie Mellon University studied human body detection via Wi-Fi and were able to detect the position and poses of people in a room using standard wireless routers. It seems that the Gamgee development team has found a commercial application for this technology.

In the frequently asked questions section published by Gamgee Wi-Fi Home Security, you can learn more about the technology. It relies on a combination of Wi-Fi sensor readings and artificial intelligence, using information about the Channel State Information (CSI) in Wi-Fi signals to detect complex movement patterns in the room.

After installing the Gamgee Wi-Fi system, it will take about two weeks to train it. During this time, the system will study the movements of family members and pets. It can also be trained to recognize regular guests. It can detect when a person or pet is behaving differently than usual. The system will notify if someone has fallen or been injured.

Creating a room map is another important part of Gamgee Wi-Fi Home Security. Users create a digital map by walking along the walls in all rooms.

On the IndieGogo project page, Gamgee offers a funding level with equipment starting at €295 for a system with three extenders. This should be sufficient for a 150 m² home. There is also a package with four extenders for €345 covering 200 m².

Although the project is exciting and promising, there are a few caveats. First, supporting a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as a direct product purchase. Secondly, it's much easier to promise a great product than to deliver it. Also, this system may be vulnerable in terms of inaccuracies and actions of artificial intelligence, which generally makes quite a few mistakes. The first Gamgee Wi-Fi Home Alarm systems are expected to be available before January 2025.

Source: Tom's Hardware

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