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New military UAV Razor P100 from Mayman Aerospace (USA) - vertical takeoff, maneuverability, heavy weapons

New military UAV Razor P100 from Mayman Aerospace (USA) - vertical takeoff, maneuverability, heavy weapons
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The American company Mayman Aerospace will present a full-scale model of its new futuristic VTOL UAV Razor P100 during the US Special Operations Forces Week 2024, which takes place from May 6 to 10. The Razor P100, capable of carrying a payload of up to 45 kg, represents a line that will also include more powerful drones: the P500 (up to 220 kg) and a possible model with a payload of 450 kg.

The versatility of the Razor family makes them suitable for a wide range of military operations. These vehicles can be configured to control squadrons of over 1000 UAVs, with options specialized for various missions, from air defense to missile strikes and cargo transportation. The compact size of the Razor allows the drone to take off and land on a 3m by 3m pad. The drone can operate in helicopter or fighter mode and has high maneuverability.

Larger models in the Razor lineup can be equipped with Hellfire or Brimstone missiles for precision strikes. In addition, UAVs can carry light air-to-surface missiles, conduct electronic warfare, and suppress enemy air defense.

The California company announced flight tests of the first Razor prototype in the third quarter of 2024. These drones are designed for deployment not only from ground positions but also from aircraft and ships. They can reach speeds of up to 0.75 Mach.

Mayman already has pre-orders for Razor from customers in Europe and Australia totaling around $120 million. The company received $3.25 million from the US Department of Defense for its projects. Mayman also recently announced the development of an autonomous operational system based on artificial intelligence called SkyField for Razor drones.

Sources: Mayman Aerospace, Army Recognition

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