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Magura V5 maritime drone destroys $3 million "mongoose" speedboat in Crimea - operation conducted by Ukranian Defense Ministry's MID

Magura V5 maritime drone destroys $3 million "mongoose" speedboat in Crimea - operation conducted by Ukranian Defense Ministry's MID
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The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukranian Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (MID UMD) has carried out another successful operation to demilitarize the occupants. Unit Group 13 with the help of the strike sea drone Magura V5 destroyed the high-speed boat of Russian invaders.

According to MID UMD data, Ukrainian defenders destroyed a Russian high-speed patrol boat of project 12150 "Mongoose". Such a boat reaches up to 20 m in length and up to 5 meters in width. The maximum speed is up to 50 knots. This is a multi-purpose high-speed vessel used for patrolling the waters, combating saboteurs, as well as search and rescue operations.

Modified versions of the high-speed boats are equipped with combat remotely controlled modules with the main standard weapons - a 14.5 mm machine gun installation. Also, on board the boat, the intruders have two automatic grenade launchers AGS-17, an anti-sabotage hand grenade launcher DP-64, and two MANPADS types "Needle" or "Iva".

The approximate cost of the destroyed "Mongoose" is about $3 million.

MID UMD published in its Telegram channel a video of the strike by the sea drone Magura V5 on the enemy's high-speed boat. The effective destruction of the invaders' military equipment took place in the Uzka Bay on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea.

"As fear of Ukrainian attacks forces the occupiers to hide large ships of the Black Sea Fleet away from the peninsula, combat operations continue against fast maneuverable military vessels of the Russians that illegally remain in Ukrainian territorial waters of Crimea," - noted in MID UMD

Earlier, with the help of the strike sea drones Magura V5, Ukrainian defenders have already destroyed Russian ships "Caesar Kunikov", "Ivanovets", "Sergey Kotov", "Akula" and "Serna", as well as damaged the ship "Ivan Khurs".

Magura V5 is a multi-purpose surface vessel capable of performing various tasks. These could be observation, reconnaissance, patrolling, search and rescue operations, mine countermeasures, fleet protection, and combat missions. The hydrodynamic hull and sleek profile of V5 allow the drone to move stealthily with superior maneuverability.

Magura V5 Specifications:

  • Length: 5500 mm or 5.5 m;
  • Width: 1500 mm, or 1.5 m;
  • Height above the waterline: 500 mm;
  • Cruise Speed: 22 knots (40.7 km/h);
  • Maximum Speed: 42 knots (77.8 km/h);
  • Range: 450 nautical miles (approximately 833 km);
  • Payload: 320 kg;
  • Communication: mesh radio with airborne repeater or satellite communication.

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