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"Just space": the GSD reported on the work of "Pritula's satellite" ICEYE - 4173 images of enemy objects

"Just space": the GSD reported on the work of "Pritula's satellite" ICEYE - 4173 images of enemy objects
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The Main Intelligence Directorate reported on the results of using the "people's satellite" ICEYE, whose work in the interests of Ukraine was provided by the Charitable Foundation of Serhiy Prytula, blogger Igor Lachenkov, and donations from Ukrainians for the "people's bayraktar". The satellite has been providing data to Ukrainian intelligence for almost two years.

During this time, ICEYE has identified 4173 objects of Russian occupiers in Ukraine and other parts of the world from orbit. Over time, intelligence officers have managed to observe:

  • 17 naval bases
  • 153 fuel and oil storages
  • 147 ammunition depots, including missile and aviation ones
  • 238 air defense positions and radio surveillance
  • 370 aerodromes

In addition, ICEYE monitors the locations of Russian troops, military towns, training grounds, and mobilization deployment centers. This allows tracking enemy movements and drawing conclusions about the occupiers' future actions and plans. The "people's satellite" monitors Russian defense industry objects and the aggressor's transport routes, including the illegal Kerch bridge.

The ICEYE satellite allows for a clear examination of enemy troop concentrations, even those disguised. Mechanized units and places of military equipment concentration are clearly visible. The satellite's characteristics enable the identification of the type and kind of detected enemy combat aircraft, air defense means, and enemy ships. It helps document the consequences of Ukrainian strikes on Russian military objects.

Approximately 38% of the data obtained by the ICEYE satellite was used to prepare operations for firing at the Russian aggressor. These strikes caused the occupiers multibillion-dollar losses and reduced their military potential.

Source: Main Intelligence Directorate

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